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Monday, July 1, 2013

Low Country Flow

June 30, 2013
Gathering ground a mile a minute
gaining time between sun waking  
and tide rising
Soul soaring on a fish hawk’s crooked wings
racing the day but losing the same
South and East with God’s eye on a seaside sparrow
Pluff mud’s perfume


 Marsh grass green  betraying the shallow places in between 

Resurrection fern don't need no cross to die and rise up

Just rain

Collecting Carolina names along the way
 pushing muddy and slow
A ruin at Yemassee
piecing together some unseen whole
and Edisto wandering wild
Salkehatchie nursing  Ashepoo in




Back uphill past the rivers I go
North against the grain
Galloping over asphalt 
in and out 

and in and out

of rain

Racing the coming night stalking from the west

Another contest gladly lost
Life's clock impossible to reset

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