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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Season--New Same Ol' Me

And so I am back. Like migrants on the wind heading south before the chill comes, I find myself returning to the blogosphere.  And like so many of the feathered ones--warblers, vireos, tanagers (or is that grosbeaks?) and thrushes that find forested homes fragmented, my old blogging haunts were broken to be inhospitable. I hope that those who find me here again will rejoin the flock and fly with my musings.

Fall is coming and with September a break--maybe-- in the swelter.  The deer folk are beginning to feel the urge ever so slightly and a full moon is sure to carry silhouettes of winged ones across its waxing face.

I am restless too.  Ready to move, ready to run with nose to ground, ready to be out there in it all. It is a new season- and with it I am born again. New season, same ol' me!

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