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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fatiguing into Fall

And Summer is tiring
The dark greens almost fading to blue
Canada geese practice their V’s
For journeys across October’s harvest moon
Birdsong plays sporadically – feeble attempts
At whistles and warbles barely rate as a dawn chorus
The cicadas keep the uneven rhythm through the day
Whining hypnotically into the evening of halcyon days - 
that will gracefully yield to cooler breezes and a hint of autumn

The sun sits a little lower on the horizon with each passing day
Its rays intense but softening…
Casting a light that foreshadows shortening days.

The road shoulders sprout epaulets of gold -
Little sunflowers, goldenrod and jewelweed
Signaling the transition – to auburn leaf blush,
russet senescence and days of bulging cheeks and hoarding
for stripe-flanked chipmunks. 
And rest for the tiring summer is on the wind

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