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Friday, February 10, 2012

In Between 
The days when pen and paper do not meet
When the lettered keys grow cold
When inspiration flies away
Darting  between hum and drum
To avoid the ordinary
Like some fleet and furtive accipiter
I wonder when the mood will return-
A day a week or more?
When trees or birds or sky will inspire
 A line or two
A reflection of time or place

The in between days are empty pages
No hunts no pecks
Until  maybe
a vermillion flash through a wall of green
and a cardinal ‘s sweet  song
Full, rich and clear
Cheers the dreary day

or a sinking sun
mellow golden orb against an orange and purple sky
dying to be reborn against the next morn’s new one
sets the mood to feel and think and  write
of sights, sounds and scenes
until in-between
the doldrums sap the creative winds
and the sails fall flat
mind adrift until once more
the trades fill the canvas
and the in-between day
is just a memory

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful! I just read it through 3 times. Thank you so much for sharing. Im not sure if everyone has the "days in between," but I certainly do. Theyre hard to shake off but the fresh breeze always calls me back again.